Latest rechargeable lithium battery protection system

April 14, 2021

Latest company news about Latest rechargeable lithium battery protection system

Battery protection scheme is a kind of high and new technology and complex system, it involves all kinds of protection function, can according to need to design hardware and software control and communication function:


- charging voltage protection;

- charging pressure lifting;

- discharge voltage protection;

  Remove - discharge voltage;

- overcurrent protection;

- short circuit protection;

- balance charge management;

- the battery temperature detection;

- the remaining capacity detection;

- defect battery analysis and warning system;

- charging temperature compensation system;

- communication interface: PowerLAN, SMBus and so on.

  According to the practical application and the cost consideration, we can use some foreign well-known battery management      solutions, such as Seiko, Ricoh, TI, and Analog, and so on.

  Principle of single battery protection scheme:


Principle of battery protection scheme